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Acrylic Manufacturing Process - The Properties and Uses

  Acrylic manufacturing is an extremely popular industry in the USA. Even though there are many acrylic manufacturing factories in Southern Florida, Design Plastic Inc., is one of the top most custom acrylic manufacturers with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing quality acrylic furniture, full size acrylic plastic sheets and other home fixtures. Their unique and innovative designs are widely accepted to be among the best of all acrylic manufacturers in Florida. Acrylic is a man-made material that is versatile and is being used in a variety of industries. Acrylic a.k.a. Polymethylmethacrylate is a synthetic material derived from petroleum distillates. Acrylic acid is treated with alcohol to form a monomer. When a molecule of monomer is bonded with identical molecules, a polymer is formed. Polymers and monomers are the building blocks of plastic. They are constructed from a chain like structure which gives the plastic its inherent strength.    

Acrylic Furniture and Custom Creations

    Clear acrylic can be used as a substitute for glass. The most common uses of acrylic include manufacturing of sinks, bathtubs, furniture, signs, lighting fixtures, spa baths and dishware. It is used for cosmetic purposes as in manufacturing false nails and dental fillings. Acrylic manufacturing is extremely popular worldwide because acrylic is a good weather proof material. It is a very good Ultraviolet resistant material and can withstand force. The material is waterproof, non-toxic and can be recycled. Acrylic sheets can be heated and molded using plastic molds. Acrylic is lightweight and can be molded to different sizes and shapes easily, hence it is used to manufacture windows, shower doors, aquariums and skylights. The other advantages of the material is the strength and impact resistance of it. It is being used as a substitute for glass in manufacturing cups and dishes and a viable substitute for crockery. There are a few disadvantages of the material too. One is that it can scratch easily and crack at weak points. The other is the toxic fumes that can be released to the environment when manufacturing acrylic. It is not an easy material to be recycled and non-biodegradable. Even though the manufacturing of acrylic will release toxic fumes to the environment, the extent of damage to the environment could be minimized by taking the necessary precautions in acrylic manufacturing.     At Design Plastic Inc., they take the highest precautions when manufacturing and cutting acrylic sheets in order to minimize the damage to the environment. Their products are of high quality since the quality control process of Design Plastic's acrylic plastic sheets is markedly high. Their customer service is of top notch, and you could request for custom made products manufactured of acrylic plastics. Aquariums are the best example for a custom made product of the company. With the vast experience of more than 40 years in the acrylic manufacturing industry, Design Plastic Inc., should be the first and last stop, in order to meet all of your needs in acrylic designs and productions.

Manufacturer Making Quality Products

Plastics: A Retrospective

Today we are surrounded by products made out of plastic and it’s hard to imagine a world without plastic manufacturers. But how did it all begin and when was the birth of plastics? In 1862 the first man made plastic was displayed at an exhibition in London. The material used to make the first plastic was cellulose. This material could be molded and would retain its shape once it was cooled. In 1869 John Wesley Hyatt an American created a new mixture and this was then used for the next thirty years. After the 1870’s the use of plastics became very common and it was used for multiple purposes including making eyeglass frames, combs, billiard balls, shirt collars, buttons, dentures, and photographic film.

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